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A Charcoal Grill vs. Gas Grill

One of the oldest arguments in between individuals is which grill is better. There is a gas grill, and there is a charcoal grill. Both have their highs and lows but by the end of this post you’ll know which you should invest in and which will certainly get you the best tasting steak.

The first thing people consider is the benefit. They ask themselves which grill will heat up the fastest? If you didn’t know, the gas grill can light and warm in a matter of minutes. When it concerns the charcoal grill, which can use up to 40 minutes to achieve complete heat to your desire. Everything depends on you and if you want a quick cook or don’t mind the wait. If the charcoal grill takes so long, there might be a reason for that as it could have a much Grill 01better taste in the end.

Cleanup becomes a factor for many people. When you use gas, you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the bottom for charcoal that could still be hot and leaving marks at the bottom of the grill. You just have to clean the grates and after go inside and enjoy the food.When you clear out a charcoal grill, Grill 03you can just clean the grates, however, when it comes time to change the charcoal it is a huge mess to remove all of it and get it to look nice. Most of the juices from steak and burgers drip down making it hard to clean well. Many people just remove the charcoal and change it; that happens in parks all the time, but you never know if that’s sanitary or not.

When it comes to taste one grill sticks out ahead however which is it? For the gas grill since natural gas and propane are colorless and odorless a foul-smelling compound called mercaptan is mixed in, to alert individuals to the danger of a leak. It is a misconception that this includes a sulfur taste and aroma to your food. When the gas burns, the mercaptan turns into sulfuric acid, the small amount transferred to your food is substantially less than what is naturally present in food. A Grill 02charcoal grill produces a natural smoky taste to your food. You can burn wood in a charcoal barbecue which will give your food even more taste. Undoubtedly Charcoal stands out in this category for taste. With time, the taste improves. You know a steak would taste amazing after resting on a charcoal grill.

It’s your decision in the end, however, as to which you want? If it were me I ‘d choose charcoal, yes it takes awhile to start up but the taste truly settles in the end, and you’ll be very satisfied with all of it.

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