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Make Costa Rica Your Second Home

In between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean in Central America, lies the Republic of Costa Rica. This progressive country has attracted the attention of individuals trying to find Costa Rica property for retirement and financial investment.

With its rich range of plants, wildlife and leisure opportunities. It is the home of the biggest percentage of national parks and protected lands. On top of all that, Costa Rica has an exceptionally high quality of life as a result of their outstanding facilities and affordable cost Real Estate 37of living.

Purchasing Costa Rica Realty would certainly not cost more than if you were purchasing the same type of property in the United States. Rates for land to develop, or for houses currently developed, is mainly in line with the US real estate market. Regardless of your selection of the kind of Costa Rica real estate you prefer, from a beach front, condos or luxury, your cost will not be much different for the same kind of home in the U.S.A.

Buying Costa Rica real estate could seem confusing for a foreigner. However, you should note that many individuals from the U.S.A and Canada have actually made Costa Rica their second home simply because of the ease in buying Costa Rica real estate and the more economical cost of living.

Costa Rica Realty is divided into seven regions, and each area provides numerous different advantages. More than a dozen National Parks are Real Estate 36spread out throughout the country offering trekking in the jungle, horseback riding and mountain cycling in the countryside. Furthermore, there are many water sports such as fishing in the crystal blue waters, checking out the reef, whitewater rafting in the wild tropical rivers. Naturally, camping and sightseeing in neighboring countries such as Panama and Nicaragua are also opportunities for one to experience.

If you get homesick and want to take a visit back home or bring close friends to your brand-new estate, Costa Rica has 2 International Airports with connections to all over the world. The regional mode of transportation around the country is through taxi and bus services. The expense to travel the island is never expensive. Obviously, when you purchase your Costa Rica Realty dream home, you can always import your own vehicle for transportation.

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