98% of the truth, although it seems true, is not the truth. Only 100% of the truth is the truth. So when 98% of people start to believe in 98% of the truth, myths are created. When a company invests 500 million dollars in a marketing campaign to convince you that the best way to buy a car is to pay, sooner or later they will convince enough people that this is the best way to buy a car. Consequently, the average car payment is $ 495 per month for 63 months for so many people who bit this hook. Debt is simply the purchase of things you do not need, with money you do not have, to impress people who neither know you nor like you. As much as you feel responsible credit card debt is a vehicle used by people who want to pretend what they are not.


Most common myths is to believe that debt is a tool to create prosperity

Most common myths is to believe that debt is a tool to create prosperity

But the truth is that getting out and staying debt free according to the “Forbes 500”, the richest people in the United States, is the number one key to accumulating wealth. If your biggest weakness is credit cards, you need to know that there are studies that show that you spend more when using plastic because it doesn’t register as pain. The same study shows that when you use cash there is a detachment that is not there when you use plastic. Spending in cash hurts, doesn’t it?


The truth hurts and I am sorry to hurt you

debt problem

But if I do not shake you from so many lies and myths that you have believed, you may lose your hope and even your family. Take control of your money and leave those 98% games because you work too hard for any clown to come and present you with a myth and take it away.

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