What you need to know about ‘Three Day Potty Training’

One of the big challenges for any parent is potty training their child. And despite the hundreds of years of efforts, there are surprisingly few sure-fire methods to getting it done. There are certainly plenty of old wives tales and family suggestions about potty training, ranging from offering the kids a treat to making potty training a game. And in the end, getting it done just seems like a long, uncomfortable effort for both the parents and the child.

Selecting the right guidea6uw7iedukj

While there are a number of books available to help with potty training, you won’t find a more helpful one than Carol Cline’s three day potty training book. The book is easy to read and provides a series of steps to help potty train your child. By the end of the three days, he or she will be able to take their pants up and down, use the potty and clean themselves independently. The child still may have the occasional “accident,” but this book gives them a great foundation to build on.

The right time

The book begins by discussing when it’s time to potty train your child. There are signs to watch for that will help you know when the child is ready. There are also some great suggestions on how parents can keep from getting frustrated by the process. Then it moves on to the preparation. There are certain items you’ll need to make the potty training process easier, and you’ll get suggestions on the best way to block out three days to get the job done.

The process

Potty8o6e5746ejtThe main part of the book discusses the potty training process, which is broken into three separate one-day routines. There are suggestions on how the parents can stay focused and patient while offering some ways they can offer support to the child during the training. Overall, the biggest factor in a successful potty training is removing the stress, and the book offers a number of helpful hints on how to lower the stress level for both parents and the child. You’ll also find a helpful chapter on stories from parents who have used the book to potty train their child. Reading those real-life stories helps put everything into perspective and helps to provide some much-need inspiration over the three days of training.

Special needs

Children with special needs are some of the most difficult kids to potty train and “Three Day Potty Training” includes some advice that is specifically for children who suffer from Autism and Aspergers. It’s a subject that often gets overlooked in other books and for many parents this will be the most important part of the book.

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